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Goally Life Skills Package - 10" P3 Tablet

Goally Life Skills Package - 10" P3 Tablet

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Hi! 👋 We're Goally. We made a tablet dedicated to helping kids learn and be independent. We support the neurodiverse, homeschoolers, and tiger parents. When you buy Goally, you join a community of thousands of parents, educators, and therapists. Goally's kid-safe learning tablet includes:

✔️1 year of premium learning apps (Including Khan Academy & Starfall)
✔️100+ video classes teaching life skills
✔️50+ built-in routines (like bedtime and morning)
✔️Kids Chore Charts + Calendar
✔️100% parent-controlled from the Parent App
❌ No web browser, social media, YouTube, or ads
❌ No manipulative design meant to lure kids into buying add-ons.

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