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Your fast track to independence for kids with autism or ADHD

When your child with autism or ADHD struggles with daily routines, the entire family struggles. And, while behavioral therapy provides necessary insight, your child’s therapist isn’t there with you in the day-to-day trenches—making sure meals are finished and teeth brushed while also trying to get yourself out the door. We’ve been there. It’s exhausting! That’s why we developed Goally: to be there for your family 24/7.

How Goally Transforms Families

Conceived by a parent just like you, Goally is a software + support system that combines technology and psychology in a single, affordable solution.

For the child

The psychologist-developed Goally Device provides calm, intuitive coaching through essential daily routines. Effectively removing the emotional toll of parental prompts, Goally sets a steady pace with timed tasking, positive reinforcement and incentives you can customize to your child’s likes and dislikes. It all adds up to less frustration, more self-confidence and greater independence for your child.

For the parent

The user-friendly Goally App enables task tracking in real time, so you can measure progress and adjust milestones to help your child maintain momentum. Just install the App on your current smartphone and activate your Goally service to shift prompting duties to OUR plate, start collecting detailed data, and get personalized guidance from our experts—whenever you need it.

Steps to Accelerated Independence

  • Establish Routines & Set Rewards.

    Using your Goally App, work with your child
    to establish daily activities, set milestones
    and determine the most relevant rewards.

  • Let Goally Do the Prompting.

    Using pleasing visual icons and gentle musical
    cues, the Goally Device guides your child
    through each activity within the specified time.

Baby Steps > Big Results

Our BCBA-Approved Progression Plan*
*Coming in early 2019


1.  Reduce Parental Prompting ( Learn More )


2.  Reduce Time To Complete Routines ( Learn More )


3.  Adding New Skills ( Learn More )


4.  Improve Quality Of Activity Completion ( Learn More )


5.  Fading Extrinsic Rewards ( Learn More )

Customers Said Goally...

Decreased Perceived Child Stress by:

74 %

Decreased Parent Stress by:

77 %

Decreased Tantrums by:

61 %

Decreased Anxiety/Frustration by:

80 %

Empower your child

When you allow Goally to take over your “prompter” role, you’re naturally alleviating the negative emotions associated with continual reminding - at once giving your child more ownership over the routine and pressing “reset” on the parent-child relationship. Goally rewards autonomy with greater autonomy, gradually reducing the number of prompts for each routine as your child progresses.

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Positive Reinforcement

Goally’s motivating rewards system typically reduces the amount of time taken to complete a routine by 30% or more. Goally will gather feedback from both you and your child to ensure that he or she does not feel rushed or anxious. As your child becomes more proficient in independent task completion, Goally can continue reducing the time allotted for activities - while staying within your child’s comfort zone.

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Expert Support Team

Using a combination of activity data and parental feedback, Goally can leverage the expertise of our BCBA consultants to help motivate your child to improve the quality of the activities they complete. Whether it’s the tantrum-free completion of a least-favorite task or the thorough completion of a more complex task, our trained support staff will create customized milestones tailored to your child’s needs.

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45-Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s our mission to transform the lives of families living with the challenges of autism and ADHD - by relieving burdens and transforming parent-child relationships. That’s why we believe all families should have the opportunity to experience Goally for 45 days, 100% risk free. If you don’t love what Goally does for your family, you can return it after 45 days for a full refund.

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