Help Your Child Gain Independence
While Having Fun

For happier, more connected families with children with ADHD or autism.

Family-Reported Stress Reduction

74 %

In children with ADHD or autism

77 %

In their parents

How Does Goally Work?

Comes with a Goally device for your child and an app for you.

Your Child's Goally Device

  • Get on with your day while your child stays on task, with cool graphics and fun sounds.
  • The whole family can relax, while Goally points and rewards keep kids motivated.
  • Feel proud of your child's new confidence and independence.

Your Parent App

  • A solution that works for you, after feeling like you have tried everything.
  • Completely customizable to fit your unique child and schedule.
  • You don't have to track points and behaviors. Your app does that for you!

Your Goally Support System

  • Get support by phone or email from our parent-success team, who use Goally with their own children.
  • Connect and share ideas in our online parent support community.
  • Get guidance and relief from a child-behavior expert, through a personal call or email.
  • Lilly, Queensbury, NY
  • Michelle, La Selva Beach, CA
  • Debbie, Plantation, FL

Our Story

It started with a father wanting to help his son become more independent, and was frustrated with everything he tried.

Our mission at Goally is to empower kids, and help families become happier and more connected. We aim to use technology, child-behavioral science, and the shared knowledge of all the parents in the Goally parent community to help every parent give their children the best possible start in life.

More hugging, less prompting!