Goally is a Service in a Device for Kids with ADHD and Autism

Kids love their Goally ball, but the secret parents are talking about lives in the software. This is the magic behind successful daily routines for kids, and less stress for parents.

How It Works

  • Enter activities

    Parents and kids collaborate to set up routines and rewards in the myGoally app with the assistance of our expert support team.

  • Gentle Reminders

    Goally uses visual icons and gentle musical tunes to guide children through each activity in a set amount of time.

  • Customized Progression Plan

    Our expert staff will create the right plan at the right stage for your child.  They’re available to guide you through every step of your child’s progression.

  • Result...Independence

    Goally’s data and reports help every parent track and make better, more informed decisions that support their child’s journey toward self-reliance, independence and their fullest potential.

What's inside: Progression Plan

1.  Reduce Parental Prompting   ( Learn More )

2.  Reduce Time To Complete Routines   ( Learn More )

3.  Adding New Skills   ( Learn More )

4.  Improve Quality Of Activity Completion   ( Learn More )

5.  Fading Extrinsic Rewards   ( Learn More )

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Customers Said Goally...

Decreased Perceived Child Stress by:

74 %

Decreased Parent Stress by:

77 %

Decreased Tantrums by:

61 %

Decreased Anxiety/Frustration by:

80 %

Accelerate Progress

Our software and support services provide customized progression plans that are unique like your child.  On demand support with our trained staff will guide you to your child’s highest potential at the right pace.  

Learn More

Leverage Behavioral Science

The secret of our success is not our device.  It's our behavioral science-based software.  Receive expert advice, customized for your child, right in the parent app.  Track your child's progress every day with the in-app data and reporting. Easily manage and redeem rewards to reinforce positive interactions and behaviors.

More Fulfillment

As parents we love our children and strive to have positive joyful interactions.  We want our children to build independence and be filled with confidence in their abilities, not anxiety.  That’s what we wake up every day to achieve.  It’s our mission to help build stress-free, happy homes as much as it is to build the  executive functioning skills our children need to succeed in school and life.

Money Back Guarantee

We want this to work for you.  From the day you receive your Goally(s), you have 30 days to evaluate it and return it if you do not love the impact on your family life. No questions asked. We will immediately send you a full refund including your shipping fee and pay to ship it back to us.

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We Have The Best Customers

"His joy, pride and independence"


"His first year with Goally"


"What I wish for my son in life"


"I have a space to breathe"


"Our life before and after Goally"


"Goally worked so well for Peter and Lucy"


"My children feel more pride"


"Goally guided me through frustration"


Love Letters

  • "We have less raised voices, less stress and more unity as a family.  I can let go of the mom-guilt I had after so many chaotic and emotionally rough mornings.  My two children with autism have more pride in themselves and confidence that they lacked before."

    - Hilary, Littleton, CO

  • "She is always proud of herself for completing a routine....it’s really helpful to keeping a happy household."

    - Michelle, La Selva Beach, CA

  • "Liam is proud of his independence...and it has dramatically reduced how often I have to prompt him every day."

    - Natalia, Boulder, CO

  • "Watching Aiden develop independence is the biggest reward for me, seeing things become less of a struggle for him."

    - Lilly, Queensbury, NY

  • "Before Goally I was constantly telling my son what to do just to try to keep him on task. Our home life is more peaceful, and our relationship is less antagonistic. I’m not sure I could put a price tag on that."

    - Debbie, Plantation, FL

  • "I'm excited about the potential Goally has to help children on the spectrum, and their parents." 

    - Chantal Sicile-Kira
    • Author, speaker, consultant
    • President www.autismcollege.com 


What testing have you done so far?

We have been testing Goally for over 14 months with a diverse range of families.  Over 50,000 activities have been completed by children using Goally. The children ranged in age from 4  to 19 years.

What is a Pre-Order?

We think it's important to get it right with all of our customers.  

To that end, we have decided to release pre-sales in small "batches" of 500-1000 units and customers at a time.  We want to make sure we have all manufacturing, customer service and software development all moving in the same direction.

We are selling pre-orders so we know exactly how many to manufacture and how fast.  Your order secures your spot for delivery.  We know our customers want and need their Goally right away.   As a young company, we're balancing product, quality and customer.  We hope you'll order with this in mind and allow us to fulfill that promise to you and everyone else ordering.

Pre-Orders today will be delivered in Fall, 2018.

Is support available 24/7?

Trained support staff are available via email, chat, and by phone, between 7:00am and 7:00pm MST 7 days a week.

How do I become a Beta tester?

We had over 3,000 applicants for our Beta program and currently have only 80 spaces available unfortunately.  The best way to test Goally with your family is to pre-order and reserve your space in our limited release this fall.

My child is already working with a therapist. Where does Goally fit in?

Goally is not a replacement for therapy but can be a useful tool for your therapist to integrate into your child’s current program. We recommend talking to your child’s therapist about Goally. Your child’s therapist is very welcome to talk to one of our support staff to learn about Goally features and discuss integration methods as part of your monthly subscription.

How many children can a Goally support?

Goally is designed to support one child's routines and activities. 

Are you providing therapy as part of this service?

Goally’s services are founded on proven behavioral-science, and our support staff are trained in optimizing routines and positive reinforcers to help your child progress as quickly as possible. Goally is not a medical service and we are not providing therapy or any medical advice.

Can Goally be used if my child can't yet read?

Besides text, Goally also allows you to select a visual icon for each activity.

I have a question you didn't answer here

Please send us your question(s) through the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you within 48 hours or reach us through Facebook Messenger from the button on our web site.