What's inside: Progression Plan


Reduce Parental Prompting

The first step in the journey is to give your child a sense of ownership of his or her routine. Goally takes over as their personal assistant and acts as the “prompter” instead of parents. By doing this Goally alleviates many of the negative emotions and interactions that are a byproduct of parents having to continuously remind their child to complete activities. It allows parents to reset the relationship and starts building your child’s confidence in their own ability to be self-reliant.
Once your child has achieved a sufficient level of autonomy with Goally’s assistance, Goally will continue progressing them on their path to independence by gradually reducing the number of prompts given for each routine. i.e. “Fading the prompts” The milestones in this phase of your child’s progression plan will be very dependent on your child’s developmental level so will differ for every child.


Reduce Time to Complete Routines

By keeping your child motivated and on track, Goally typically reduces the amount of time taken to complete a routine by 30% or more. As your child becomes more proficient in completing tasks independently, Goally can continue reducing the time allotted for activities while staying within your child’s comfort zone. Goally will gather feedback from both you and your child to ensure your child does not feel rushed or anxious.


Adding New Skills

Goally can assist you in teaching your child new skills, both through helping motivate your child and in breaking new tasks down into easier steps when your child is learning new skills (Task analysis). e.g. Instead of a single prompt to “Brush Teeth” a child may begin with breaking that activity into 10 steps starting with “Pick up toothbrush”, “Open Toothpaste”, “Put toothpaste on toothbrush”...etc. For kids who are much more advanced in their development, adding new skills may be as simple as adding chores for which kids can earn bonus points.


Improve Quality of Activity Completion

With feedback from parents via the app, Goally can use expert knowledge to help motivate your child to improve the quality of the activities they are completing. This may be as simple as adding bonus points for activities your child doesn’t like, or advice from our trained support staff, specifically customized for your child.


Fading Extrinsic Rewards

The hardest part of implementing an effective motivation program to help your child is often keeping track of points and rewards. Goally does this for you. Goally also provides an expert-based wizard in the parent app to help you set the rewards and frequency which will be most effective for your child’s developmental level. As your child gains independence and competency in their daily routine, Goally will provide advice on how to slowly fade out rewards and build your child’s ability to delay gratification.