For parents who want more hugging and less prompting.

Meet the new tool that’s designed for children with Autism or ADHD.

- Goally parent, Hilary

We’re experts on ADHD and Autism.

We get it. At Goally, we understand what parents face on a daily basis: stress, frustration, exhaustion. And we know you love your kiddo above all else.
Before Goally, many of our parents wondered how to help their child build confidence, gain independence, and navigate meltdowns.
Goally was built by an engineer and parent of a child with ADHD. After trying everything, he built the Goally to help other parents - just like you.
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How does Goally work?

We've designed Goally specifically to help kids with ADHD or Autism live more independent, happy lives. Help your child stay on task with Goally points and rewards to keep kids motivated.
Our customers report:
  • 74% decreased perceived child stress
  • 77% decreased parent stress
  • 60% decreased tantrums
  • 80% decreased anxiety/frustration
Goally also comes with a Parent App to help you manage routines for your child. Goally is completely customizable to fit your unique child and their schedule.
You don’t have to track points and behaviors anymore. Your myGoally Parent App does that for you.
Goally comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

What our parents say…

"Watching Aiden develop independence is the biggest reward for me - seeing things become less of a struggle for him. "

- Lilly, Queensbury, NY -

"Before Goally, I was constantly telling my son what to do, to keep him on task. Now our home life is more peaceful, and our relationship is less antagonistic. I’m not sure I could put a price tag on that."

- Debbie, Plantation, FL -

For a happier, more connected family, try Goally today with a 45-day free trial and free shipping!

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