Designed for kids with ADHD, autism, and other attention issues.

Help your child stay on task and gain independence.

How does Goally work?

We've designed Goally specifically to help kids with ADHD or Autism live more independent, happy lives. Help your child stay on task with Goally points and rewards to keep kids motivated.
Our customers report:
  • 74% decreased perceived child stress
  • 77% decreased parent stress
  • 60% decreased tantrums
  • 80% decreased anxiety/frustration
Goally also comes with a mobile and desktop myGoally Parent App to help you manage routines for your child. Goally is completely customizable to fit your unique child and their schedule.
You don’t have to track points and behaviors anymore. Your myGoally Parent App does that for you.
Goally comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.
For a happier, more connected family, try Goally today!

Dedicated distraction-free child device

Durable, compact and easy to transport

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Hilary is a mom of two awesome kids and is passionate about sharing her success using Goally with other parents. Her kids, Peter and Lucy, are both on the spectrum and are daily Goally users and idea contributors.


Rachel is a BCBA therapist (MEd, BCBA, LBA) with over 8 years experience working with kids. She is also a mom of two awesome kids.