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FAQS - Beta

When creating a routine, what do the different options on the "Repeats" menu mean?

This is the frequency that your routines will be occuring. "Weekly" means that your routine will occur every week on the days that you select (default option). "Only Once" means that your routines will only occur the week that you have set them up (spring break, summer camp). "Manual" means that you can start your routine from the MyGoally app using the play icon (sick days, other as needed routines)

Why does it ask me if the end time of my routine is important? What is the box below where I select the start and end times for my routine?

This is a handy feature that will ensure that your routine ends at the time you have entered. With this feature enabled, Goally will automatically shorten the activities within you routine if you get a late start. This will help make sure that you get out of the door on time!

When creating activities, what does "Constraint" mean? What do "At Most" and "At Least" mean?

This is how the timing in your activities is measured. At Most is a standard countdown timer (i.e. counting down from the time that you put in). At Least means that your child must spend at least the time you put in on this activity (i.e. bathing for at least 15 minutes)

How do I prevent my child from skipping activities or canceling routines?

Your child has the ability to pause, skip and cancel activities from the Goally device itself. We recommend to give your child the freedom to do this at first but if it has become an issue you can enable/disable you child's ability to do this under the settings tab in the MyGoally app.

My Goally is displaying the weather and this is distracting to my child? Can I make it so my device doesn't display the weather?

The weather feature on your Goally device can be removed at any time, however our engineers will have to take care of this one! Please email if you would like your device to no longer display the weather

What do I do if the MyGoally dashboard isn't working from the app? What do I do if the MyGoally dashboard isn't working from the website?

The MyGoally dashboard can be accessed from the MyGoally app or from - Please check to see if the other option is working if you find that your app or webpage dashboard isn't working.

How does my child earn points? How are the amount of points that my child earns determined?

Your child will earn 100 points for each routine that they complete, 50 points for each routine that they complete late, and 0 points if they never complete the routine. Try to plan how much your rewards will cost accordingly!

Why is my child only earning 50 points per routine and being told to move faster next time?

Your child will earn 50 points when they complete a routine late (past the end time that you have set). Please double check that the start and end time of your device are correct or if you have "Is the end time important?" enabled then disable this so your child can be credited with the appropriate amount of points

How do I redeem the rewards that my child earns?

You redeem rewards for your child through the MyGoally app. Go to the "Rewards" tab and redeem the reward that your child has chosen! The points to their account will be subtracted automatically.

Can I get into contact with other beta test families? I would like to compare ideas, discuss bugs in my device and find out how to use Goally in the best way possible!

Yes! Our Goally beta testing community lives and thrives on our private facebook group. This is a place for you and other parents to swap ideas and engage with one another. It is also a great place to report bugs in your device and to see if any other families are having similar issues. If you haven't joined this Goally community please follow this link and request permission to join!