About Us

Our Story and Purpose

Goally was founded in 2015 by Sasi Movva, a parent who was looking for a better way to teach his child to be independent, without the stress of always being the reminder or enforcer. Kids today almost instinctively bond with technology. So why not use that in a positive way, where they learn important executive functioning skills that they will use for the rest of their lives?

Goally's mission is to use technology, behavioral & child-development science, and the shared knowledge of all of the parents in the Goally community to help every parent give their children the best possible start in life. We have brought together a team of passionate experts, from leading pediatric therapists and researchers to CEOs of successful hardware companies, all of whom are dedicated to our shared mission. Goally has already transformed the daily lives of many families and with your help we will make it even better.

Our focus is on the 15% of US children who have cognitive challenges such as ADHD and autism because that is where we have found Goally can help both children and parents the most.  


  • Dr. Daniel Hettleman
    PhD, PC

    30+ years experience in counselling parents and kids, specializing in ADHD

  • Dr. Laurie Sperry
    BCBA-D, PhD, MS

    Autism Specialist. 30+ years of experience. Ph.D. in Child Development and Family Studies

  • Dr. Kytja Voeller

    30+ years of experience as a pediatric behavioral neurologist.
    Director of WINSi

  • Paul Berberian

    CEO, Sphero

  • Casey Grothus

    Manager of Trimble SketchUp's "Project Spectrum" autism outreach initiative, and an adult on the spectrum

  • Cheryl Kellond

    CEO, Apostrophe Health


  • Sasi Movva

    CEO & Parent

  • Ed Johnson

    Chief Technical Officer & Parent

  • Daragh Brangan

    Chief Operating Officer